Work Continues Toward Completion Of Fiber Network In Nelson

©™2012 Nelson County Life : Contractor crews pull fiber through underground conduit along Route 151 north of Nellysford Wednesday afternoon - September 26, 2012

Nelson County, Virginia

We’ve been telling you about the massive fiber installation undertaking in several previous stories. Today crews were seen along Route 151 in Greenfield pulling the actual fiber into underground conduit that will soon connect a high speed broadband spine together stretching from Colleen in S. Nelson to Afton along Route 151. Though it may be a long wait before residential consumers see the result of that. Large business customers will be connected first, followed by medium and smaller businesses, then residential.

Negotiations are currently underway by Nelson County with service providers that may eventually opt to provide those services.


  1. We don’t know the answer to that question. The county says soon.
    However the projected test dates of July have come
    and gone. But it is a difficult process putting miles and miles
    of fiber underground.

    That said residential users appear to be a long way from
    getting this service unless an Internet provider shows
    interest in extending it to homes.

  2. Your article says this is being run along 151 but is’nt it cutting over to 29 at route 6? I have not seen any fiber running down 151 by Roseland Rescue squad…

  3. Hi Greg,

    It originates in Colleen near CVEC and runs north along Route 29 to Route 6 at Woods Mills, then west to 151 then north to roughly the Rockfish Valley FD. Much of the 29 leg is completed and will be lit in the near future.

  4. There is already a company providing internet service from fiber optics to residents of Nelson county. The name of the company is Stewart Computer services. I am surprised you didn’t know that. The county officials should be supporting the efforts of this company to provide more internet access to our citizens.

  5. Hi Chris,

    You are partially correct but not technically correct. We love Clay and what
    he’s been able to do for the most rural of customers in Nelson.
    However, unfortunately, Clay can’t, as we understand it, true end to end
    fiber connection all of the way through. So while your comment
    is true in spirit. It’s not 100% technically correct. Again as it’s been explained.


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