Good Progress Continues On Installation Of Fiber Internet In Nelson County

™©2012 Nelson County Life : Photo By Tommy Stafford : Crews continue burying flexible conduit in the ground along Route 151 north of Nellysford into Afton. Soon optic fiber will be pulled through the conduit that runs from Colleen all the way to Afton.

Nelson County, Virginia

An ambitious project that’s been in the works for years is getting very close to a reality. We told you about the groundbreaking of the project here back in December 2011.

Once completed, the backbone (the main fiber line) which was done under a federal grant and monies kicked in by the county, will be available for vendors to hook to and eventually provide service to homes and businesses across many portions of the county that are underserved with true high speed internet.

Initially several larger anchor tenants will connect to the network with other smaller businesses and eventually likely residential customers to follow over time as more vendors make the service available.

Contrary to rumors circulating, this is not a free wi-fi network being installed by the county, nor is this anything associated whatsoever with the now failed IBEC BPL service that was once available. The projects are not related.

Recent estimates on the lighting (turning on) of the fiber for testing are just weeks away.

More updates as we know!


  1. When will the federal grant monies be spent to provide service to homes and businesses in the Montebello and Vesuvius areas of Nelson County?

    Alan Firth

  2. As we understand it Alan, the grant was utilized to bring a fiber backbone into the most populated areas for larger businesses first, then smaller businesses, then residential. Hence the route from Colleen up 29 across 6 then up 151 toward Afton. However, there will be a wireless tower placed somewhere in the general area of Massies Mill as part of this system that will allow vendors to eventually have the capability to make hops to to the areas you mentioned, if they wanted to. That decision would ultimately be up to the vendors that choose to resell off of the backbone. Unfortunately, it’s financially impossible to run fiber across every single part of the entire county as there simply wouldn’t be enough subscribers to ever support the network in the most remote areas.

  3. Any word on when the network testing will start? Also, when is the estimated date for it being available? Any mention of who the providers will be?


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