No Big Snow. Still Made For Pretty Christmas

Photo By Paul Purpura : ©2010 : Nope it's not Nelson, this is what Nelson was supposed to get. This is about 3 hours east at Virginia Beach where NCL Mountain Photographer, Paul Purpura was visiting family. They got hammered by the snow.

Nelson County, Virginia
Pretty for Christmas, but not much trouble otherwise. That’s how you could best describe the snow that fell over Nelson this past Christmas weekend. Threats of a Winter Storm Watch and Winter Weather Advisory never really came to pass. Early predictions by forecasters (Unfortunately including this one. Crow now stewing in pot for consumption later) of 6+ inches of snow never happened. Hours before the storm hit, accumulation estimates were downgraded to an eventual 1-2 inches that covered Nelson County.

A very light coating of 1-2" of snow fell in most places across Nelson. Far short of the predicted 6+ inches forecasters were talking about last week leading up to the storm.

The big story over the next 24 hours will be cold temps and very high winds. A Wind Advisory is in effect until late Monday for gusty winds as high as 40-50 miles per hour, especially in the mountains.

The remainder of the week will see much milder temps move in, some readings not seen since November. By the new year highs near 60° in the valley are possible.

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