Sally Rose. New Year. New CD. Releases Heat Lightning!

©2010 : Sally Rose will release her new CD on New Year's Day 2011 as part of a performance at The Southern Cafe & Music Hall in Charlottesville this coming Saturday. 1.1.11.

Nelson County, Virginia
We first told you about Nelson native & musician, Sally Rose, in our September 2010 printed issue of Nelson County Life Magazine. Back in July 2010 Sally has just made her television debut on the CBS affiliate in Richmond Virginia. Fast forward to January 1, 2011 and this gal will officially release her new CD, Heat Lightning!

Scroll down to find out how you can listen to some of the cuts from the CD this week right here on our website.

Sally Rose pictured in our September 2011 issue of NCL above during her television debut in Richmond. Click on issue above to read that story.

This Saturday 1.11.11 Sally will play some of the tunes from her new CD during a release party at The Southern Music Cafe and Music Hall in Charlottesville.

The back cover of the CD featuring all of the songs from Sally's new CD Heat Lightning. NCL Photographer, Hayley Osborne was the photographer for the new CD.

As a real treat, NCL has an advanced copy of the CD release and Tommy will be playing a new cut each day this week during his audio weather. Be sure to click on over there to get a listen starting Monday morning, December 27, 2010.

Congrats Sally Rose and we’ll be watching and listening!


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