WEEKEND WEATHER : Very Hot With Thunderstorms Through Monday : Then Milder


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Forecast By Tommy Stafford – Nelson County Life Magazine


Photography By Paul Purpura
For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
Summer Days At Lake Monacan
Nelson County, Virginia

Today’s weather and is brought to you exclusively by:
am fog 4.16.08-A

I was talking to Yvonne Harris over at a.m. Fog just the other day. You hear about about her and Ken every morning on our webcast. They’re just up the road on the Nelson-Albemarle County Line on Route 151. She was telling me they already have zucchini & squash. Yep Homer it’s true!

And for a limited time Big Seeded Watermelons are only $4.00. You know it’s summer when you start talking watermelons, picnics, and swimming!
-Lettuce buches $1.00.
-Petunias 50% off, until all gone.
-All other annuals 25% off, not including hanging baskets.
Mention NCL’s weather report when you stop by, you’ll get 25% off any tree purchase until the end of June.

In their produce report Yvonne says, they are currently fresh picking sweet cherries, raspberries, and mushrooms; no spray – chemical free – just what nature and fish emulsion gives us. Which begs the question… What’s in your food??? You have to be careful about what you feed yourself and your kids these days, been paying attention to the news lately?

And just across the road at Blue Mountain Brewery they’re serving a cherry/chocolate/goat cheese crumble made with amFOG cherries. Now that is yummy!

When you meet folks like Ken and Yvonne you just can’t help but like ’em. They’re the real deal.

And they want to thank you for making this a spectacular spring! They’re looking forward to a stellar growing season and bumper crops from the fields. Things are changing all the time at amFOG…keep your ears open and stop in to see ’em.

And don’t forget to Mention NCL’s weather report when you stop by, you’ll get that 25% off any tree purchase until the end of June.

You can always visit them on the web at www.amfog.net or call ’em at 540-456-7100

THURSDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine in the Rockfish Valley : 98°/59° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 15.27″
THURSDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain : 84°/66° – RAIN 0.00″ – YTD: 22.03″
THURSDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA : N/A°/N/A°– RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 20.77″
THURSDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA : 96°/62° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 9.07″
THURSDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA : 96°/67° – RAIN : 0.02″ – YTD: 8.42″

Before we head off into weather, want to remind you about a big announcement coming next week from our sponsor, a.m. Fog….. We though we’d have the information to share with you this weekend, but looks like it will be next week, but this is something folks in the area are going to be very happy about! Listen in Monday to hear what the buzz is all about!

We wind up our music this weekend from the 2007-2008 NCHS Jazz Band CD. Thanks to those folks for getting a CD to us and letting us share it with you for this past week. Stick around to hear much more from them in just a few minutes.

And thanks to our Paul Purpura of Wintergreen for perfectly capturing the feel of the past several days as the temperatures have been heating up. It will be a great weekend to be around and in the water in between thunderstorms that form.

We ended the week hot! And we’ll stay hot until a round of thunderstorms gets our of the area early next week. Expect temperatures to be in the mid and upper 90’s across the entire area. The humidity will be on the upswing as well making it feel very muggy for the first part of the weekend. By Sunday we moderate a little with highs in the mid 80’s.

Thunderstorms will become more numerous as we head into the weekend with the best chances late Saturday afternoon into Sunday. Some storms this weekend may become severe, so keep an eye out if you are outdoors and keep a check here for the latest weather bulletins.

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

Looking 12-24 Hours Ahead

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Bent Creek, Naked Mountain, Jonesboro, and The BRP.

FRIDAY: Partly sunny with scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Hot & humid!
* Highs Valley: 93-96°
*On the mountains: 81-84°
*Winds: W 10-15 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Scattered evening thunderstorms, then partly cloudy and warm. Lows valley: 69-72° : Mountains: 66-69° : Winds: SW 5-10 MPH

SATURDAY: Partly sunny & very hot, with afternoon thunderstorms. Some possibly strong to severe.
* Highs Valley: 94-97°
*On the mountains: 84-87°
*Winds: SW 10-15 MPH by afternoon
*OVERNIGHT: Scattered evening thunderstorms, then partly cloudy, warm & muggy. Lows valley: 71-74° : Mountains: 69-72° : Winds: SW-10 MPH


SUN : M/C T-Storm 86/65 (Some storms strong to severe)
MON: P/S T-Storm 85/62
TUE: M/S 82/65
WED: M/S 87/62
THU : Sunny 91/69

All mountain temperatures in the extended period roughly 10-15 degrees cooler than those listed in the valley.

The NCHS Jazz Band takes us out with Pick Up The Pieces from their latest CD.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jazz Cover Low

Jazz Back cover low


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