Nelson BOS Votes To Lower Speed Limit On Other Parts of Route 151


    45 MPH Signs File
    45 MPH Signs installed last year on parts of Route 151 near Route 6 East

    From minutes published by, project has learned the Nelson County Board of Supervisors has voted to reduce the speed limit on additional portions of Route 151.

    Wording from minutes of that meeting on 6.26.08:

    SPEED LIMIT/RT. 151 – Supervisors voted 4-0 to adopt a resolution requesting
    that VDOT lower the speed limit on Rt. 151 from 55mph to 45mph from the Rt.
    6 intersection through the southern intersection of Rt. 613 (Rodes Farm

    You can read the entire post over at by clicking here.


    1. EXCELLENT!!!! Save lives and save gas! It’s a beautiful rural road, and one can “smell the roses” so to speak, while slowing down to 45 mph. Next stop, remove the HUGE interstate trucks from 151, as they take a shortcut across Rte. 6 from Rte. 29 to get to I-64 and I-81 more quickly! Great job to our supervisors, continue to keep Nelsonians safe, BEFORE more tragic loss of life, or injury.


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