Wintergreen & Nelson County, VA Weather : Monday : Drizzle & Cool : Showers & Warmer Tues : Unsettled Ahead


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Forecast By Tommy Stafford – Nelson County Life Magazine


Photography By Christina Kline
Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
Late March Snow @ Wintergreen
Wintergreen Mountain, Virginia

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There’s something about early Spring. You begin seeing hints of green, and then wham, snowflakes! Where did they come from. That’s part of the ritual in moving from Winter to warmer weather. It can’t really decide what it wants to do. But there’s one decision you don’t have to fret over, that’s stopping in at Ken & Yvonne Harris’ a.m. Fog on the Nelson-Albemarle Line along Route 151. They are as close to the farm as you can get!

Right now while Spring is still trying to make up it’s mind, they’ve already got; Asparagus, Lettuce, Cucumbers, STRAWBERRIES, strawberry onions (the best!!!), roasting potatoes, Idaho potatoes, carrots, green peppers, farm eggs, meat, & fresh baked bread.

And yea, they still have my favorite the trusty:
Local “Happy Steer” Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meat
-Local Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken

Not to mention all of the other vegetables, annual, and perennial plants along with lots of fruit trees ready for the spring planting! Spring is here!

And have you seen that new beautiful farm market going up, they ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS NOW, and soon they’ll be featuring hot teas, coffee, muffins, and bread.

Visit them on the web at or call them at 540-456-7100.

SUNDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain : 31°/24° – RAIN MARCH: 4.83″
SUNDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA : °N/A/N/A° – RAIN MARCH: 6.65″ station temporarily offline
SUNDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA : 39°/45° – RAIN: 0.00″ Monthly Total Currently Unavailable
SUNDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA : 44°/38° – RAIN MARCH: 2.65″
SUNDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Mini Tara Vineyards @ Arrington, VA : 43°/36° – RAIN: 0.00 Monthly Total Currently Unavailable

Before kicking off today, want to remind you that our flagship NCL Weathernet Station here in the Rockfish Valley is out of service due to a hard drive crash on our weather computer. We’ll have that fixed in the next day or so, but meanwhile you can check out our other stations in the network.

Also want to bring some good news about the fires that have been burning along the western side of the BRP in the vicinity of Route 56 near Montebello. Shannon Simmons and Scott Clark have been sending sometime hourly updates during the past week. Everything is getting under control up there now, and Molly Sexton sent in some additional photos late Sunday of the burned areas left behind. You can see those and more details by clicking here.

And finally, congrats to the Rockfish Presbyterian Knuckle Heads for raising just under $9000.00 for the St Baldrick’s Foundation. You know them all and can read more their head shaving event here!

Talk about a small surprise over the weekend. Some light snow fell upon the mountains. That’s really not that much of a surprise. This time of year is the battle between Winter and Spring. The photo above taken by Christina Kline, shows a light dusting, but that’s about it. Some folks above 2000 feet may see some light snow this morning before occasional drizzle settles in for the day. It will actually be about as warm in the mountains vs the valley since the cloud cover will provide a canopy trapping the heat up above.

Light breezes blowing in from the ESE will keep what’s called a moist maritime flow coming our way from the Atlantic. That means we’ll pretty much have a cloudy day Monday with chances for on and off drizzle or showers. By tonight temps don’t change much at all staying in the upper 40’s for overnight lows. On Tuesday we warm up by roughly 20 degrees, but chances for thundershowers enter the forecast as well. Mid-Week we have a brief lull in the action before unsettled weather moves back in.

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

Looking 12-24 Hours Ahead

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Wintergreen, Lovingston, Montebello and Crozet

Monday: Cloudy with drizzle and scattered rain showers. Cool.
* Highs Valley: 48-51°
*On the mountains: 47-50°
*Winds: SE-5 MPH becoming S in the afternoon
*OVERNIGHT: Cloudy with scattered showers. Temps near steady. Lows valley: 47-50° : Mountains: 46-49° : Winds: S 5-10 MPH

Tuesday: Warmer with scattered showers, possible thundershowers in the afternoon. Breezy.
* Highs Valley: 68-71°
*On the mountains: 64-67°
*Winds: SW 10-20 MPH gusting to 30 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Scattered thundershowers early then showers after midnight. Windy. Lows valley: 47-50° : Mountains: 38-41° : Winds: SW 15-20 gusting to 30 MPH – becoming W 5-10 after midnight.

The rest of the week Wednesday looks partly sunny & cooler with upper 50’s valley and lower 50’s mountains. Thursday continues partly sunny with rain showers and highs in the mid 50’s valley and and around 50° mountain. By Friday rain continues with temps in the mid 60’s valley, lower 60’s mountains. Overnight lows for the period are generally in the 40’s valley and low to mid 30’s mountains.

Next weekend looks sunny with low 60’s for afternoon highs right now.

Have a great Monday everyone!


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