Montebello : Roughly 4500 Acre BRP Fire Contained : Photos 3.30.08 7:30 PM EDT


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    Photography By Molly Sexton
    For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
    Aftermath Of Forest Fires Along The BRP
    Near Montebello, Virginia

    Our thanks to Molly Sexton from the BRP area for the photos and update of the improving situation near and along the BRP. This evening Shannon Simmons sent along the photos for Molly and the following comments by Molly at 5:10 PM EDT:

    “Snowfall helped to clear the air up here this morning! Route 56 was opened and had a “Watch for Debri” (They meant debris) sign. Yesterday, the sign said “Warning: Heavy Smoke” and firefighters would not let anyone pass. Route 56 and the Parkway entrance were closed. To get to Staunton we had to drive through Montebello turning left on Rt. 817 continuing over the Parkway at Love’s Gap, thru Sherando to Interstate 64. You can see the back burning damage on Rt. 56. The Parkway was open today and here are some photos I took of the damage there as well. It seems to me that the fire only reached the West side of the Parkway. There is still a little smoke seen in some areas but mostly it just smells like charred fire. We are blessed and grateful that it wasn’t any worse. I still think our little area has ended up with more birds. Molly”

    Here’s more information over at The News Virginian.






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