SHOCKER: Knitting is a national TV show!


    Just so you know that not everyone at 6222 Rockfish Valley Hwy is weather obsessed …

    I was working on the next issue and had DIY on mute (and had Coldplay up on iTunes). On pops the KnittyCam.

    Knitty Cam

    Still a fervent believer that knitting is not a sport despite what my husband says, it seems like the folks at DIY take knitting quite seriously. I am willing to bet this guy knit this snazzy skull cap himelf!

    Knitting hosts

    And then, the kicker! They bring in this poor guy and make him model a teal boa!

    boa man

    See his Oh-my-gosh-I can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this grin? Reason #3471 television is scary and should be avoided.


    1. Well, yes, it appears our inrepid local reports can be depended upon to bring us the MOST up-to-date reports on ALL the issues facing our nation today . You guys are something else. Thanks for being there for all of us. [gh]

    2. Okay Yvette…

      I’m going to get knit-picky. Until now, I’ve stayed silent over your competitive knitting slams – no more – you’ve gone too far. Tommy has been right all along and it’s time for you to admit it!

      You don’t think it’s a sport?

      What about one of the greatest teams of all time? The Knittany Lions?

      And as for entertainment – how about great movies like:

      Purl Harbor
      Shawl Shank Redemption
      The Longest Yarn
      Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wool

      And admit it – knitters can be funny – proof: Larry the Cable Stitch Guy

      I demand an apology – no, a retraction. Better yet, both!

    3. Hi Laurie,

      I must admit. You have presented quite a compelling argument in proving that knitting is indeed a sport. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wool. Hmmm … I knew Liz could drink but I guess she can knit as well!

      An apology isn’t out of the question. However, for a full blown mea culpa retraction, I think you should email us a picture of yourself engaging in the sport. I have heard of knitting helmets. Do you wear one when you knit?


    4. Oh Yvette…

      Still with the jibes. Of course I don’t wear a helmet – protective goggles yes, helmet no. And warming up is essential to avoid injury. I like to do a few deep knuckle bends, finger curls and wrist flaps.

      Still waiting for – uh you know – that apology and retraction…



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