Nelson: Winter Returns To Wintergreen Resort

Blue Ridge Life™2012 – Photo By John Taylor : People visiting and living at Wintergreen Resort awoke to a beautiful display of ice & snow this past Thursday morning 12.27.12

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, VA

After the clouds cleared from the most recent snow, a beautiful landscape appeared at Wintergreen Resort. Longtime Devils Knob resident John Taylor sent us some photos from up top Thursday morning. Just beautiful!

Photo By John Taylor : A bit of ice and snow remained on streets at Wintergreen Thursday morning. And the trees were simply breathtaking with the sun hitting the ice covered branches.

With temps predicted to stay below freezing for the next several days, Wintergreen has been able to make snow round the clock with more slopes estimated to open as the New Year’s weekend gets underway. More natural snow is predicted to fall late Friday night into Saturday.


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