Latest AEP & CVEC Outage Reports As Of 6 AM Thu 7.5.12


Nelson County, VA

From CVEC at 6 AM Thursday 7.5.12

CVEC ended the 4th of July day with 151 outages remaining to be cleared. Crews will be back on it first thing and work to complete the restoration efforts made necessary the wind storms of 2012.

From CVEC at 6 AM Wednesday 7.4.12

CVEC lost some ground yesterday evening when a line of thunderstorms cause the outage to rise from 1300 to 3800. Crews reduced the number of outages to 1700 and will continue to work on July 4th

.From CVEC at 3:30 PM Tuesday 7.3.12

Tuesday has been a good day for CVEC linemen and there is plenty time left in the workday. CVEC began the Tuesday morning with a little under 4,000 members without power and had 1300 remaining as of 3:30 PM.

With some luck, CVEC could be under 500 by Tuesday night, a significant drop from the 15,000 CVEC members who awoke to no power on Saturday Morning.

Restoration highlights include:

· The Piney River substation area, in Nelson County, is down to 506 outages out of a total of 1800 meters
· Martins Store substation, in Nelson County, has 462 remaining outages of the total 3973 meters
· The Whitehall substation area, north of Crozet, began the day with 1344 outages and is down to 266
· The Midway substation area, south of Crozet and serving the Batesville area ,has 79 remaining outages.
· The Schuyler substation was re-energized this afternoon when AEP complete repairs of their transmission line, putting 641 CVEC members back into service.
· The Colleen substation, in Nelson County and the Red Hill substation, south of Charlottesville only have 33 and 27 outages, respectively in their service areas.
· Nine CVEC substations have 1-2 outages reported and fourteen substations have no reported outages.

If a member receives a phone call indicating service restoration or the member’s neighbors all have power and the member does not, he or she should call 800-367-2832 to re-enter your outage. Crews will address individual outages that remain after service restoration in each area.

CVEC expressed appreciation for the patience of its members and the hard work of the every linemen working long hours under difficult and dangerous conditions. Crews will tackle any remaining outages Wednesday, July 4th.

Visit for an outage update or to view the outage map. Visit to become a CVEC fan and keep up with the latest news.

AEP Update: 8:45 PM, 7/3/2012

Appalachian Power is dealing with significant weather-related outages across its West Virginia and Virginia service areas. STORM WEATHER PERSPECTIVE Friday night’s storm was part of a massive straight line wind storm that traveled close to 700 miles in 10 hours, devastating 10 states and leaving more than 4.3 million customers without electric service throughout the United States. Company and state officials are characterizing the storm as similar to or even greater than a hurricane, but without advance warning. The storm produced winds in excess of 75 miles-per-hour and heavy rain across a large portion of Appalachian Power’s service territory.

Click here to see the actual number of AEP people still out of power by county.

Click here to see AEP outage map


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