Nelson County High Being Evacuated For Routine Safety : ALL CLEAR : Updated 12:45 PM

File photo: Nelson County High School was being evacuated Monday morning as a safety precaution. A bomb threat has been received at the school.

Nelson County, Virginia

12:45 PM EDT
Via Sheriff David Brooks and his deputies on scene, situation has been cleared, nothing found. Students are being allowed back in school. Returning to normal.

12:20 PM EDT
As of now students are still evacuated. School still being searched.

Original post from 9:01 AM EDT
Nelson County Sheriff Brooks confirms to NCL this morning that Nelson County High School is being evacuated. “It’s a matter of routine safety anytime we received a bomb threat. Though we have never had a real threat in the past, we have to take the student’s safety into consideration,” Sheriff Brooks said Monday morning.

Officers from his department as well as area fire and rescue units were staged at the school while routine searches are ongoing.

A K-9 sniffing dog has been requested to aid in the search.

More when we know.


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