Major Phone Outage Across Nelson : Cable Cut : Service Restored – Updated 2.15.12 @ 10:45AM

Many people across Nelson County are reporting little or no phone and cell service Tuesday afternoon.
Due to another cable being cut most telephone service in the 277 and 263 exchanges of Nelson County has been out for a big part of the afternoon.

Lovingston / Roseland
Nelson County, Virginia

Updated 2.15.12 @ 10:45AM

NCL has learned the strike Tuesday to a Verizon cable was part of the ongoing construction project to install fiber internet to much of Nelson County. Preliminary indications by the county’s engineer firm, show the cable positions were likely improperly marked by a contractor for Verizon. This is similar to what happened a few weeks ago during a cut in Colleen. If this is the case, the construction crew wouldn’t have any fault in these incidents since they are simply following the markings put down by other marking crews.

We have several other questions in and will updates as we know more

Updated 2.14.12 @ 8:35PM
Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks tells NCL that 911 service and other phone service has been restored across the county.

Original Post
For the second time in just weeks another major Verizon telephone cable has been cut severely affecting telephone service in Nelson County. The third we know of in less than a year. We were the first to report  the outage earlier as it was happening over on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. “A cable has definitely been cut. We are asking people with an emergency to use our regular Sheriff’s office line at 434.263.7050. It is still working, though you may only be able to call it from a cell phone depending on what part of the county you are in,” said Nelson Sheriff David Brooks. Sheriff Brooks says 911 circuits are down too and affected by the outage.

Even businesses on the western side of Nelson are being affected. Wintergreen Resort reported on their Facebook page:

“Wintergreen is experiencing internet and phone outages. Verizon has confirmed that a major line has been cut, affecting Wintergreen and Nelson County. Currently incoming and outgoing phone calls, email, internet access and online booking are not working. Verizon is working to resolve the issue, but does not have an estimated time for repair. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please contact us later.”

Other area businesses report that their regular phone lines are operational, but some speciality lines aren’t working, such as internet, and some credit card machines.

Updates as we have them.



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