Former Nelson Deputy Sheriff Sentenced In Court – Other Charges Sent to Grand Jury

Mug Shot Courtesy of CBS-19 Charlottesville : Joshua Lee Hatter, a former deputy with the Nelson County Sheriff's Dept remains in jail under a 25,000 dollar bond as of Friday afternoon.
Mug Shot Courtesy of CBS-19 Charlottesville : Joshua Lee Hatter, a former deputy with the Nelson County Sheriff's Dept was sentenced in courtroom Thursday morning January 5th 2012.

Nelson County, Virginia
Updated 1.5.12 @ 5:40 PM

Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks confirms to NCL that Joshua Lee Hatter, once a deputy with the sheriff’s department, was sentenced in a Nelson Domestic Court Thursday morning on misdemeanor charges. He was also bound over to the grand jury on two other felony charges. The court action stems from an October 2011 incident where authorities say he was involved in a domestic dispute. “It’s important that the people of Nelson County know we take an officer breaking the law very seriously. It’s a matter of trust to the public when a person in a position of authority is involved,” Sheriff Brooks said. Brooks immediately fired Hatter in October after formal charges were filed.

Read the original story and complete details of Thursday’s court action by clicking here.


  1. If Mr. Hatter was that mad he should have just stole her TV! Hell, Mr. Uttaro got charged with a felony; his back at work and driving a county vehicle. A class four felony is a class four felony right? I hope the Commonwealths Attorney is as diligent in his quest for justice when it comes to Mr. Uttaro not to mention the rest of us as he is with Mr. Hatter.
    The Equal Protection Clause in the 14th amendment to the US Constitution requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction, not more or less depending on the person’s profession.

  2. well since you want to put in your little report, ” that you take an officer breaking the law so seriously” why did you re hire Ray uttaro, after he cost the county 100,ooo or so?? I’m not saying what my uncle did was right but i dont beleave he should be looking at all this time and i thankyou….

  3. Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Editor for making the distinction between who hires whom… and the FACT that the individual who seems to have little regard for equal protection (or merely good judgment) seems to be the current County Admonistrator: Mr. Steven Carter. HE is the one who has placed Nelson County in such a position as having a person/County employee charged with a felony more or less on normal duty driving a county vehicle. On the other end of the spectrum, Mr. Brooks appears to be doing his best to keep the County and its citizens safe and sound, without presenting any unnecessary risks of liability. Has “good judgment” in Nelson County taken a vacation, like “common sense” has in American society?
    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County

  4. To begin with maybe we all are jumping to jusgement when we have no idea of all the facts. Mr. Hatter has been convicted at this point and Mr. Uttaro has not yet had his day in court. Mr. Hatter was a good officer and I believe a good person and something just got the best of him. Maybe he should have been granted help from our Sheriff when it is understood that he had requested help long before this happened and was turned down for said help. We so quickly place blame on others when none of the facts are heard in court and this is not good. None of use have the right to judge another. Now as far as Mr. Uttaro I as well as hundreds of others feel that when all the facts come out (and they will) that someone and maybe quite a few of us will have egg on our faces for acting as we have. I feel out supervisiors have great faith in Mr. Uttaro or he would have never been returned to work and I commend them as well as Mr. Carter for this. Mr. Carter has servied this county well in all the years he has been here and hopefully he can continue to do so unless the certain nest of nit pickers continue to slander and deface him. We need to be proud of our elected officers as all of them serve use well in many ways. So Judge NOT that you NOT be judged as sooner or later it will catch up to us.

  5. @Lunsford Agee>> “Egg” will be on the faces of all those who chose a blind, self-delusional approach to this situation …. and the larger situation of public officials who think they are untouchable. Case in point: County Administrator Carter.
    Homer 7:23 – “And egg shall grace their once-proud faces, and they shall walk all the days of their lives in darkness and suits of stripes.”

    Thought for the day.

    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County

  6. My Dear Mr. Barnswollor:
    Thanks for your reply as I must say it was very amazing to say the least. However, let me take note on one part of your previous comment where you seem to believe that Mr. Carter is somewhat responsible for Mr. Uttaro being placed back in society and doing his job as well as even driving a county vehicle. Well, if thats your point then would not our Sheriff be responsible for placing Mr. Hatter in kind of the same position when he (the Sheriff) was aware of Mr. Hatter’s drinking problems long before his crime was committed. If it is true that Mr. Hatter had ask our Sheriff for help and did not receive that help, why can I not say that our Sheriff shares the same responsibility as Mr. Carter does. Again. let me be clear. I was and still am a supporter or Mr. Brooks but I do believe in one excepting responsibility for his employees actions and in the case of Mr. Hatter if and I sas IF he had requested help from Mr. Brooks then it was a shame that he did not receive it and maybe all of this could have been avoided. Please also remember that Mr. Uttaro has done an outstanding job for the citizens of Nelson County and his position is a very important one to say the least. I feel confident that our Board of Supervisiors as well as Mr. Casrter used wise judgement in returning him to his position not only for the welfare of us citizens of the county
    but the welfare of any and all citizens that pass thur our beautiful county and again please remember that Mr. Uttaro has yet to be convicted of any crime and all we have heard is just the words of the Commonwealth as far as evidence against this fine gentleman and lets just wait and see what the other page in the book reveils.

  7. @Lunsford Agee>> That’s a lot of “IF”s to be speculating about this situation, (unfortunately for you and your friends Uttaro, Carter, and Hatter) not very solid ground upon which to base a point. Unfortunately for your argument, “IF”s are hypothetical at best. On the other hand, facts are FACTS.

    Remember Homer 7:23 “And egg shall grace their once-proud faces, and they shall walk all the days of their lives in darkness and suits of stripes.”
    Homer Barnswallow
    Nelson County


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