Nelson County Deputy Arrested & Fired : Remains In Jail : Updated – 1.5.12

Mug Shot Courtesy of CBS-19 Charlottesville : Joshua Lee Hatter, a former deputy with the Nelson County Sheriff's Dept remains in jail under a 25,000 dollar bond as of Friday afternoon.

Nelson County, Virginia

Updated 1.5.12 @ 5:40 PM

Nelson County Sheriff David Brooks confirms to NCL that Joshua Lee Hatter, once a deputy with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department, was sentenced in a Nelson Domestic Court Thursday morning on misdemeanor charges and was bound over to the grand jury on two other felony charges. The court action stems from an October 2011 incident where authorities say he was involved in a domestic dispute. “It’s important that the people of Nelson County know we take an officer breaking the law very seriously. It’s a matter of trust to the public when a person in a position of authority is involved,” Sheriff Brooks said. Brooks immediately fired Hatter in October after formal charges were filed.

In court Thursday Hatter was found guilty on two misdemeanor charges:

-Misdemeanor assault & battery on a family member
-Misdemeanor destroying a telephone line

He was sentenced to 120 days on each count, suspended to 60 days each, for a total sentence of 120 days in jail.

Two additional felony charges remain in place:

-Felony discharge of a firearm in an occupied dwelling
-Felony abduction

Hatter was bound over to the grand jury on those charges for review and probable indictment later this month.

A remaining felony charge of Felony property damage over $1000.00 was dismissed when the court determined the amount of damage did not meet the 1000.00 benchmark.

Former deputy Hatter has been, and continues to be, in jail custody since his October arrest.

Original Story from 10.21.2011
A former Nelson deputy charged with enforcing the law is now on the other side facing charges. 30 year old Joshua Lee Hatter of Lovingston has been charged with a variety of crimes involving what authorities describe as a domestic dispute.

Hatter has been charged with:

-Felony property damage over $1000.00
-Felony discharge of a firearm in an occupied dwelling
-Felony abduction
-Misdemeanor assault & battery on a family member
-Misdemeanor destroying a telephone line

“He was fired after the incident this week and remains in jail as of early Friday afternoon. We have a duty to protect our community even if it’s one of our own, we took the necessary steps in conjunction with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office to make sure the case was properly investigated. Especially since we know the even greater attention would be given since this was an officer of the law,” Nelson Sheriff David Brooks said by telephone Friday afternoon.

Once Hatter makes bond, he will have several other restrictions placed on him in addition to the secured bond. He must wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet, have no contact with the victim, no alcohol, and not enter Nelson County pending outcome of the case or changes by a judicial order.

This makes the third arrest involving a Virginia police officer recently including one in Danville and another in Bedford County.

More coverage here from CBS-19 in Charlottesville.


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