Where’s The Local Weather For Wintergreen & Nelson? Right Here!

A simple scroll to the bottom of any page on our NCL website takes you to our weather area with complete conditions and Tommy's custom forecast for Wintergreen and Nelson County.

Nelson County, Virginia
Lots of you are veterans at navigating around our NCL website. But some have asked where they can get the latest conditions and forecast for Wintergreen & Nelson County, Virginia? Right here! Just simply scroll to the bottom of any page here on the site and you get all of the information in one tidy spot! This is not a generic forecast for a wide area, but a custom forecast put together daily by Tommy.

If you want even more detail (for the true weather geeks) head on over to Tommy's Weather page and you can find lots more!
To get there simply mouse over News & Weather Alerts then pick Tommy's Weather. While there, you will find lots of other weather selections too!
And don't forget there's an audio version always available in the player on the upper right hand side of any page on our site. Tommy pushes that out on a daily podcast too on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Want the absolute latest weather information as it’s happening. Here’s what Tommy recommends. First be sure you follow our Twitter feed here. Urgent weather and breaking news information is always posted there right as it happens. Within minutes it’s up here on our site too. Like Our Nelson County Life Magazine page. And last but not least, sign up for News and Weather Alerts from our NCL site right here. Don’t worry. We only send out alerts for the most serious weather or breaking news events.

Now you know!


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