Up A Tree In Shipman!

Photos Courtesy of Sherri & David Brooks : A mama bear and her two cubs decided to take up temporary residence in a big oak tree at the farm of Gwen Casale in Shipman.

Nelson County, Virginia

Gwen Casale’s seen lots of things as a sheep farmer. But she didn’t expect to see what was up a tree Sunday afternoon. “Our herd dogs have a certain alarm bark when something is threatening the sheep. But it’s very unusual to hear that in the afternoon, generally it’s night,” Gwen told us Sunday afternoon.

Gwen dogs treed a mama black bear and her two cubs.

A wider shot shows just how far the bear were up in the tree at Gwen's.

“Shocked. I know there are bears around here and our neighbors have seen them, but we have never seen them here at our place. She started growling, hissing and pawing until we had to get our dogs inside,” Gwen continued.

Gwen contacted the VA Wildlife people who told her the mama and her cubs may stay there overnight, but would eventually come down.

Photo By Gwen Casale: The moma bear can be seen here looking at Gwen as she snapped this very quick shot. The cubs are just out of view.

We sent our NCL East Photographer, Victoria Mininger to Gwen’s to get some closer shots, but by the time she got there, the mama and her cubs we gone!

Don’t think Gwen or her sheep will mind one bit!


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