Blue Ridge Parkway Shooter Indicted For Murder By Fed Grand Jury


Augusta County Sheriff's Photo : Ralph Leon Jackson was recently indicted for murder by a federal grand jury.

Roanoke, Virginia
The US Attorney’s Office headquartered in Roanoke announced today that Ralph Leon Jackson has been indicted by a federal grand jury for the premeditated murder of Timothy Phillip Davis, a Charlottesville, VA radio DJ. NCL first broke the story to readers as it was unfolding back April of this year.

Jackson was arrested for the shootings, one that was not fatal, about 48 hours after it happened.

©2010 : Authorities block the BRP the night of the night of the shootings on April 5, 2010.
©2010 : A Wintergreen Rescue Squad rushes Timothy Phillip Davis to a makeshift landing zone the night of the shootings. He later died at the hospital.

Jackson faces the death penalty if convicted.

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