Storm Arrives On Cue : Roads Becoming Hazardous : 20-30″ By Sat Night : 2.5.10

Photo By Tommy Stafford : ©2010 : A driver cruises down a nearly deserted Route 151 just south of Nellysford, Virginia early Friday morning.
Photo By Tommy Stafford : ©2010 : A driver cruises down a nearly deserted Route 151 just south of Nellysford, Virginia early Friday morning.

Nelson County, Virginia
As we have been forecasting for the past several days, a major snowstorm started around daylight Friday and is expected to continue until Saturday night when the snow will finally end from west to east.

To make matters worse, winds are expected to pick up after midnight Friday into Saturday, blowing the heavy wet snow and increasing the likelihood of power outages across the region. As of 11:30 AM Friday morning, CVEC had no outages reported and all circuits were functioning normally.

Roads have become slick and hazardous all across Nelson and the surrounding area with several accidents already being worked just before the noon hour.

Look for snow to increase in intensity throughout the afternoon into tonight, with continued heavy snowfall.

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  1. Thanks for the GREAT storm coverage, Tommy and Yvette!! Love your I-64 camera views, and many pics, so comforting to those of us, who are not tucked away in our mountain abodes! And kudos to your Jr. Publisher! What a sweet little big guy you are, Adam!! For those of us who are “up north”, and not in Nelson this weekend, we really aprreciate your photos, updates, and timely info ! Believe me, we would much rather be down the road, than up here!!! 🙂

  2. And thank you Bob & Miriam! Appreciate you keeping up with us! I’ll pass on the compliments to Adam. He’s really the one in charge, we just work for him! Tommy

  3. Wow, our power has been blinking and went off for a second… Really messed up our IBEC connection. This snow is clinging to the branches and other ovehanging stuff. I really feel we will lose power and some may be out already.

    We have at least 3 inches and it’s still coming down frozen… Had to clear out the snow off of the sattelite dish 3 times already. Today is Bubble Gum Day so don’t drive and get stuck. We have plenty of firewood, groceries, dog treats, and gas for the generator, so no where to go. Better send this before…

  4. Please continue the great work Yvette & Tommy! Love the traffic cams.

    Finally got the Feb. issue @ the Nelson Library yesterday — you have outdone yourselves!

    Suspect you will be over burdened with pix, but I will go out tomorrow — or maybe Sunday — if I CAN get out. Ms. Jane just now said it is raining (at 5:32 PM)


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