Gas Pains : Supplies Still Tight & Gouging Reported


As we first told you last week here, and most recently here, some area gas stations in Nelson have been experiencing short supplies of gasoline due to Hurricane Ike’s affects in the gulf region.

Tim Spicer, Operations Manager of Tiger Fuel in Lovingston & Appomattox tells us they are able to supply stations with fuel, but supplies have tightened. “We are seeing tight allocations right now. non-brand independent stations are running out of fuel, and those selling branded fuel (such as Exxon, Shell, Mobil, etc) are on allocations until the situation passes,” Tim tells NCL.

He says about 99.6% of the refining operations were shut down due to Ike and the problem now is power and how long it might be before refineries can come back on line. “We do think things will begin to straighten out in the next few days as most plants were not severely damaged, and will be able to pump once power is restored,” he continues.

Many stations experienced a rush by drivers as Ike was approaching to top their tanks off for fear of running out. Some area stations have been reported as gouging drivers with gas prices jumping more than a dollar a gallon. No Tiger stations or dealers have been accused of this practice. The Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs is asking anyone with knowledge of this practice to contact them at: 1-800-552-9963 or on the web at:

You can also download their form to file a complaint by clicking here.


  1. How is $4.99 not gouging? The hurricane hadn’t even hit when that price was being charged. It never got past $4 in charlottesville!!!??? No Tiger stations have been accused?….or caught?

  2. Hi Greenfield,
    We included the fact that Tiger had not and still has not been accused of gouging, because they haven’t. Since they were speaking on the record at our request we wanted to clarify that that had not been part of this controversy. To the contrary, they have been constantly watching to make sure their stations and dealers have been complying. However, independent station owners have total control over where they set their prices, the supplier only has say so if it’s a consignment or a (COR) company operated retail store. And yes for the record in spirit of full disclosure, Tiger Fuel has been, and continues to be an advertiser in our printed sister publication. Tiger Fuel has no connection to any of the stations that have been discussed in this forum.

  3. Tommy and Greenfield: Ashley’s Market ($4.99/gal Reg Unleaded on Fri, 12 Sep) has been reported to both the government and Virginia authorities. They are a “Liberty” station so I’m not sure who supplies their gasoline. They are not a NCL advertiser — and I hope they never will be. I tried to talk with the owner to let them know they’ve been reported, but he/she is never there or just isn’t talking. I appreciate a forum to “vent” my frustrations and get the word out.

  4. $5.00 a gallon and that great caramel corn country music blasting in your ear too!

    The kicker is, you can’t simply “set the pump” and wait in your car for it to fill. Someone (presumably the owners) removed that feature. Now you have to stand there like a knucklehead and hold the handle until it automatically stops pumping (at $75.00)….. at which point you get to start the process all over again in case you actually wanted to fill your 25 gallon tank.



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