WEATHER : MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND : Wintergreen & Nelson, VA : Sunny & Very Nice!


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Forecast By Tommy Stafford – Nelson County Life Magazine


Photography By Tommy Stafford
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Memorial Day Weekend
Afton, Virginia

Today’s weather and is brought to you exclusively by:
am fog 4.16.08-A

The new farm market at a.m. Fog in Afton. Thanks to Chuck Strauss for the latest pic!

Not long ago I went back to Tennessee to visit my folks on the farm. You’ve heard me talk about my days back there as a kid. They were some mighty good ones, just like my grown up days here in the mountains. I was remembering this old man that lived across the road by the name of, Son Johnson. I’d always walk up to his house and remember those chickens running all over the place. He was farm raising eggs and meat long before it was trendy. Just good, down home, quality food.

Ken and Yvonne Harris at a.m. Fog on the Nelson-Albemarle County Line along Route 151 in Afton do the same thing.

My old friend Son is long gone these days. His house isn’t even there anymore, but Ken and Yvonne’s is. Right now they have spinach, kale, brocoli, cabbage and veggie start, 6 kinds of lettuce, 26 types of heirloom tomatoes, plus sweet peppers, and a big selection of HOT peppers! Heck for your Hawaiian flair how about pineapple, and back home…maybe a little watermelon!

And look what else they have: asparagus, lettuce, cucumbers, STRAWBERRIES, strawberry onions (the best!!!), roasting potatoes, Idaho potatoes, carrots, green peppers, farm eggs, meat, and fresh baked bread.

And yea, my buddy, the trusty:
-Local “Happy Steer” Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meat
-Local Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken

Not to mention the countless other vegetables, annual, and perennial plants along with fruit trees ready for planting.

The beautiful new farm market is OPEN FOR BUSINESS NOW, and just on the horizon, hot teas, coffee, muffins, and bread while you take a look around.

If you do the WWW thing you can visit them on the web at If you don’t, they are the kind of folks who still answer the phone, now there’s a concept! Call ’em at 540-456-7100.

FRIDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine in the Rockfish Valley : 77°/47° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 14.18″
FRIDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain : 65°/48° – RAIN 0.00″ – YTD: 20.50″
FRIDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA : 76°/46° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 20.16″
FRIDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA : 74°/50° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 8.77″
FRIDAY’S High / Low at NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA : 74°/49° – RAIN : 0.00″ – YTD: 8.42″

Lots to talk about in this special Memorial Day weekend edition, so let’s head right off into it! First let’s remember what this whole holiday weekend is about. Yea, most of us get some extra time off to relax, but we get to do that because all over this nation and all over the globe, there are folks in the military helping to keep us safe. And there have been countless hundreds of thousands before them who gave their lives in military service for the USA. Call me hokey, call me old fashioned, I don’t care if folks think that, I love this country and I love Virginia. What a great place to live! I still can pass a flag waving in the air and think about what it means and what we all went through to get here. I still get chills to this day when the National Anthem plays. You see our American flag flying in the picture above, it always does, but even if you don’t fly one usually, think about doing it this Memorial Day.

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer for most folks, thought the real start to summer doesn’t come until later in June. With the holiday weekend underway there are lots of events taking place:

-Over at Wintergreen Winery they will have their Wine Into Summer event Saturday and Sunday with lots of great music and of course wine! Hang on to some Black Rock Chardonnay for me Jeff!

-Off to the east at Delfosse Winery & Vineyard they’ll be having a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ on Saturday May 24th complete with music by Jan Smith & Jeff Vogelgesang.

Upon the mountain at Wintergreen several things are happening:
-Starting with Blues and Brews at Wintergreen Resort. It starts Friday night and runs all the way through Memorial Day.
-Wintergreen Performing Arts will be holding their 2nd annual Festival of Wines on Saturday on the mountain in the Evans Center Tent.

-Down in Piney River they will be holding their Bluegrass Festival on Saturday the 24th. It includes lots of great music along with food and drinks!

These are just a few of the events taking place, but you can see even more of them by clicking here to the Nelson Tourism and Vistor’s Center. Be sure to click on the highlighted hyperlinks above to get all of the details on the events.

want to mention one other thing before we quickly hit the weather, the folks over at Devil’s Backbone Brewery continue to work like bees getting Nelson’s second microbrewery ready for opening in the fall of this year. You can read and see more by clicking here. If you’re out this week go check out the progress!

Weatherwise it won’t get much better than this weekend. Overall a nice holiday weekend.

Over the upcoming weekend right on into Memorial Day itself the weather is fantastic! We make it to around 80° by Sunday and easily into the lower and mid 80’s on Monday into Tuesday.

Rain is possible again by Tuesday night of next week, but the temps stay very mild.

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

Looking 12-24 Hours Ahead

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Afton, Greenfield, Wintergreen, and Lovingston.

FRIDAY: Sunny and mild.
* Highs Valley: 71-74°
*On the mountains: 62-65°
*Winds: NW 5-10 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower. Lows valley: 47-50° : Mountains: 43-46° : Winds: N 5-10 MPH

SATURDAY: Sunny and much warmer.
* Highs Valley: 76-79°
*On the mountains: 64-67°
*Winds: N 10-15 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Clear and fair. Lows valley: 48-51° : Mountains: 45-48° : Winds: N 5-10 MPH.

SUN: Sunny 80/55
MON: Sunny 84/56 (MEMORIAL DAY)
TUE : Mo/Sunny 85/60

All mountain temperatures in the extended period are about 10 degrees cooler than those in the valley listed above.

Have a great and safe Memorial Weekend everyone!


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