Afton : Blue Mountain Brewery : Rockfish Wheat Is Back!


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    Rockfish Wheat Bottle
    One of Blue Mountain Brewery’s most popular beers is back beginning today at 4 PM!

    Stop the presses! News FLASH! Well, sort of!

    Mandi Smack, of Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, e-mailed this morning to let us know that, my personal favorite, Rockfish Wheat is back, on tap and in six pack bottles, beginning today at 4PM! If you remember after they opened last fall this was so popular it didn’t take long for it to be all gone.

    Rockfish Wheat Logo
    Rockfish Wheat is an authentic Bavarian-style “Kristall Weizen” filtered wheat beer. The unique flavor created by the yeast has made this ale a summer favorite in the beer world.

    OK Mandi, be sure to save me at least a couple of six packs! This stuff goes fast!

    I just love summer!



    1. Hey Hey Hey,

      We’re bottling RFW right now and things are going great. We should have plenty of draft and six-packs to last us awhile. So don’t worry Tommy. Just in case, I’ll put your name on a couple…dozen six-packs. Taylor, Matt & I are so excited about this batch. It is Rockfishilicious.



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