BREAKING: Arrest in I-64 Gunman Case


Slade Allen Woodson

I-64 gunman suspect Slade Allen Woodson

Updated 4:50pm

It looks like Slade Allen Woodson maintains a myspace page here and here (Hat tip: cVillian). Check out these pics via cVillian:

And notice the About Me entry in his “Boggin” myspace page:

Im just a country boy who keeps gettin his heart broken!!! Ive got my heart broken twice in less then a year… i dunno wat to do…. keep gettin my heart broke or stop caring!!! and i dont wanna stop caring…

And over at his other myspace page (“Who wants a good ‘ol country boy???”), his last login was March 26, 2008, the day of the I-64 shooting.
Updated 4:40pm

There’s been a lot of local chatter about the identity of the person shot as police entered the home at 6740 Yonder Hill Farm Rd. in Crozet this morning. Much of the speculation has centered around the notion that the person shot may be a second gunman involved in the I-64 case, of which Slade Allen Woodson is a suspect. We are told from reliable sources that the man shot is the father of the woman Woodson has been dating, though we have yet to independently verify this information. Police are remaining mum on the issue as the matter has been turned over to the VSP Police Shooting Investigation Team. The question still remains: Do police still think there may be a second gunman at large?

Updated 11:58am

Though the VSP says Woodson is from Afton, he may actually be from the Batesville area, parts of which overlap into the Afton zip code. Woodson was apparently on the track team at Western Albemarle High School and competed in the Region II Indoor Championship Feb. 16, 2005 at Fluvanna High School in Men’s Pole Vault (emphasis added):

 1. Stephen Thompson, Western Albe 14-06; 2. Chad Hardine, Broadway 14-0; 3.
 John Intolubbe-Chmil, Charlottesvi 13-0; 4. Tim Beierle, Harrisonburg 12-0; 5.
 James Roberson, Fort Defianc 12-0; 6. Eric Slowinski, Spotswood 11-06; 7. Jay
 Roark, Fluvanna 11-06; 8. Slade Woodson, Western Albe 11-0; 9. Tim McArdle,

More recently, Woodson competed in the VHSL Group AA State Meet held at Liberty University on March 3-4, 2006.

Boys Pole Vault
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals  Points
  1 Intollubbe-Chmil, John    11 Charlottesville     13-07.00   13-06.00    10
  2 Miller, Michael           11 Broadway            13-00.00   13-00.00     7
  2 Slowinski, Eric           SR Spotswood           13-06.00   13-00.00     7
  4 Beierle, Tim              JR Harrisonburg        14-01.00  J13-00.00     5
  5 Thomas, Stephen           SR Heritage            13-00.00   12-06.00     4
  6 Massie, Steve             JR Jefferson Forest    12-06.00   12-00.00     3
  7 Olinger, Brett            10 Broadway            12-06.00  J12-00.00     2
  8 Woodson, Slade            11 Western Albemarl    12-06.00   11-06.00     0.5

If he was a junior at Western Albemarle in 2006, he may have graduated with the Class of 2007.

Updated 11:32 am, VSP mugshot of suspect Slade Allen Woodson

Here’s the official VSP news release.

Updated 11:08 am, Virginia State Police presser held by Col. Steve Flaherty, via (Thanks P.L.!):

Shortly after 5am Albemarle Co police and Virginia State Police took 19-year-old Slade Allen Woodson of Afton, into custody. Officers entered a home in Crozet; 5 people were in the residence. Woodson is being charged on Waynesboro police warrants. He is charged with 1 felony count of destruction of property (DuPont Community Credit Union on Lucy Lane) and 1 felony count of shooting at an occupied residence on the 200 block of North Commerce Ave. in W’boro. Woodson is considered a suspect in the I-64 shootings but has yet to be charged.

As police were entering the home, they were confronted by an individual armed with a handgun and that indivdual was subsequently shot and taken to UVA Medical Center where he is currently being treated. No i.d. yet on person shot.

A 1974 AMC Gremlin, consistent with the vehicle shown in the bank surveillance video, was recovered on US 29 just south of the Greene County line.


The Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting an arrest has been made in the I-64 Gunman case. The arrest happened in Crozet.

Courtesy Richmond Times Dispatch

Photo credit: RTD

Check out additional coverage via WHSV:

Early Friday morning dozens of police officers, SWAT team members, and FBI agents converged on a house on Jarmans Gap Road and Layne Place.

A medical helicopter was seen flying away from the home.

There are no reports of what, if any, injuries any one has sustained.

NBC29 is also on it.

By the way, WHSV is also reporting a possible link between the interstate shootings and the shooting at the DuPont Community Credit Union in Waynesboro. Read on.


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