Wintergreen, VA Weather : Weekend : Rain Sat Night : Partly Sunny Sunday – GOVS WIN


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Dry Canoe Lively
Photography By Catherine Lively
For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
On A Dry Run @ Rose Mill
Piney River, Virginia

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Not that my folks would ever know it, I never wanted to do it at the time, but some of my fondest memories were those summer nights on the farm back in Tennessee shucking corn or shelling peas. I distinctly remember when Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon, I was a kid sitting in the floor and my parents were shelling peas fresh from the garden. Good food takes you back, fresh food from the garden really takes you back.

Ken & Yvonne New Market
Ken & Yvonne Harris in front of the soon to open a.m. Fog Farm Market.

That’s what Ken & Yvonne Harris are creating at a.m. Fog on the Nelson-Albemarle County Line along Route 151. They grow and sell as close to the farm as possible. But it’s not just about selling produce produce, meats and plants, it’s about a lifestyle they live by and one they want to pass on to you.

Just look at what they specialize in, you just won’t find this in your average market:

-Hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers
-On Farm & Locally Grown Lettuce
-Local, organically Raised Farm Eggs
-Local “Happy Steer” Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meat
-Local Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken

Not to mention all of the other vegetables, annual, and perennial plants along with lots of fruit trees ready for the spring planting! Spring begins on March 20!

And coming soon, their new farm market, (yep the big building with all of the windows!) featuring hot teas & coffee, muffins, and bread. They’re open now, but be looking for the grand opening of the new and larger farm market in just a few days!

Visit them on the web at or call them at 540-456-7100.

Photo By Hayley Osborne
Crowd-RIC HO
Nelson County fans go crazy over the win against Twin Valley Wednesday night in Richmond.

This weekend we’ll be revisiting one of our favorites, Jan Smith, coming up in just a few minutes.

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A quick thanks to Catherine Lively for the photo at the top of today’s weather. Now this one got my attention! Catherine said they were riding bikes at Rose Mill in the south end of the county when they passed this and couldn’t resist. Not to worry, maybe the upcoming rain over the next day or so will give them some water to row in! Thanks again Catherine for sending in the pic!

We’ll still have the mild temperatures Friday, but clouds begin increasing and the chances for scattered rain showers enters the forecast by Friday afternoon and evening. A substantial area of low pressure makes a run at Central Virginia bringing more widespread rain Saturday night.

By Sunday we’ll have sunshine moving back in. Temps will not be as warm, but still not cold. A light jacket should do the trick! By next week we near 60° by mid week, but rain is back in the forecast as well.

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

Looking 12-24 Hours Ahead

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Piney River, , Afton, Crozet, and Covesville

*OVERNIGHT:Widespread rain. Lows valley: 40-43° : Mountains: 37-40° : Winds: NE 10-15 gusting to 25 MPH

Sunday: Lingering morning showers, then partly sunny, cooler.
* Highs Valley: 50-53°
*On the mountains: 45-48°
*Winds: NE 10-20 MPH Gusting to 30 MPH
*OVERNIGHT:Clear & colder. Lows valley: 27-30° : Mountains: 22-25° : Winds: Light-N

By next week look for sunny skies Monday and mid 50’s – Tuesday partly sunny with showers late, mid 50’s again, (cooler mountains) rain mid week, ending by Thursday.

Jan Smith takes us out with Gorham Mountain, this one goes back awhile, from her 2002 Tin Heart CD.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jeff Wedding Performances
Want to have Jan & Jeff play at your special event, click on the image above to find out how!

Visit their website by clicking here:


  1. ….some of my fondest memories were those summer nights on the farm back in Tennessee shucking corn or shelling peas…

    You’re absolutely right about that one Tommy. I’ve always said if I could go back in time and relive a week of my life, I would be back on my grandparents dairy farm in Mississippi sitting on the front porch shelling purple hull peas and butter beans until my thumb was sore. Those are great memories. Life seemed so simple then.


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