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Peach Camp
Photography by Tommy Stafford
Nelson County Life Magazine : Copyright 2007
Camp Peach @ Saunders Brothers
Piney River, VA

Okay, Camp Jeep 2007 is now part of the record books. Most of the Jeeps with their little orange flags waving in the breeze have gone home. You know ….. Yvette and I are both are Jeeps owners, several times over, but like we told our friend, Laurel Lee from Amherst the other night @ Camp Jeep taking pics, “We own Jeeps, but we aren’t sure we even understand this whole Camp Jeep thing. It’s a great for the lodging and local restaurants, but those of us living here know it’s sure nice to have the roads back!

We couldn’t help but laugh this weekend when we were out delivering the August issue. We cut across from Piney River on Route 56 to Saunders Brothers and saw the sign above in the picture. Camp Peach! Love it!

Paul Saunders and his family had a big weekend there. Paul even served us up a cup of great smooth ice cream. Yummy! Thanks Paul! The peaches are in! Here’s a couple more pics:

Paul Wagon


Speaking of Saunders, we are following one of Paul’s sons, Tom, on a scout trip to Wyoming with Troop 32 from Nelson County. Steve Crandall is with him along with others. Steve’s wife, Heidi, is keeping us briefed on their progress out there. She gave us an update late Sunday night on their progress.You can read about their adventures by clicking here.

Finally the dam broke for some of us in Nelson on Sunday. We got 1.55 inches of rain here at Nelson County Life Magazine in Greenfield near Ashley’s Market. Other stations got just under an inch. We lost power for about two hours, but you know, it was really nice, just sitting back and watching the lightning off in the distance and listening to the rain. Our friends, Rick & Sarah from Covesville Store were here having a burger on the grill. Great evening just watching the storms.

We have one more day today of scattered storms before we get back to hot weather with minimal chances for rain. After today it’s going to be hot and dry once again for several days.

Here’s the numbers from Sunday: As of 11:59 PM EDT Sunday

*NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine – Greenfield
Sun High: 91.8 degrees @ 3:03 PM
1.55″ of rain (manual, but accurate entry due to power failure)

*NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation @ Devil’s Knob
Sun High: 76.6 degrees @ 2:59 PM
0.82″ of rain

*NCL-Wintergreen Winery at the foot of Wintergreen Mountain
Sun High: 90.5 degrees @ 3:39 PM
1.10″ of rain

*NCL-Delfossee Winery & Vineyard near Hickory Creek : Faber
Sun High: 89.8 degrees @ 5:01 PM
0.00″ of rain

*NCL-Tiger Fuel – Lovingston
Sun High: 89.1 degrees @ 3:37 PM
N/A” of rain (unavailable due to storm power failure)

You can see other rainfall totals from across the county by clicking here.

The current surface map shows a front working its way out to sea from Virginia. We’ll see chances of thunderstorms in the area today as the front works out of here.
Current-Sat Surface Map

The National Forecast Map, the front moves out to sea and high pressure works in to bring clearing skies mid week.
Today’s Forecast Map

Local forecast
*Monday Patchy fog in the morning, then partly to mostly cloudy. Scattered thunderstorms across 40% of the area.
*High temps in Piney River, Batesville & Lovingston 84 degrees.
*On the mountains above 2000 feet along the BRP, Wintergreen, Three Ridges, Devil’s Knob, and Love, Early morning dense fog, then partly sunny, scattered thunderstorms.
Highs top out around 73 degrees.
Winds NNE 5-7 MPH

*Monday night Mostly cloudy early with scattered showers & thunderstorms before midnight. Partly cloudy after midnight with fog.
*Lows valley around 65 degrees.
*On the mountains overnight low of 63.
*Winds WSW 3-5 MPH.

*Tuesday Partly sunny and warmer, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm in particular south near Amherst.
*High near 90 degrees.
*On the mountains Partly sunny with minimal chances for a thunderstorm.
Highs top out near 80 degrees.
Winds NNE 4-8 MPH

The remainder of the week looks generally dry with afternoon highs hot, highs in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s, overnight lows in the mid and upper 60’s. On the mountains look for temps to be around 80 for daytime highs and overnight lows around 62-63 degrees.

Remember when severe weather or news breaks out, come here. We’ll have all of the latest watches, warnings, and coverage affecting Nelson County, Wintergreen, and nearby counties.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Delfossee must have had some rain last night- a few miles down the road in Faber we had 1.5 inches of rain in our gauge from the storm last night. It was surely needed ! And quite a storm too !

  2. I am pretty sure they did as well Judy. They lost power duing that time so we couldn’t compile the data during that period. Talked to some folks along Berry Hill Road who got as much as 3 inches! Nice rain!


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