Camp Jeep : B-52’s on Stage Saturday night for Finale!


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    B-52’s - 1
    Photography by Yvette Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
    Camp Jeep 2007 Closing Night
    Oak Ridge Estate : Arrington, Virginia

    We’ve been telling you about the three day Camp Jeep event at Oak Ridge Estate since Thursday. Over 12,000 people and over 2500 Jeeps. Wow! Saturday night ended the whole thing with the B-52’s doing a little Roaming and Love Shack to name a few.

    Yes, folks you’ll begin to see the number of Jeeps on the roads around here go back to normal starting today. But it looks like they had a great event for Camp Jeep 2007.

    Here’s a few more pics Yvette got at the performance.

    Stage wide

    Stage motion


    Mother & son

    Kid on Shoulders



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