How do I find something on NCL website if it’s not showing anymore?


    Lots of people have e-mailed or stopped us on the street asking how they find something if it’s not listed or at the top. Remember our site is active & constantly updated throughout the day. If we have lots of storm warnings then those posts alone can move the previous posts down quickly.

    We never delete any of our site content, it’s there forever! The easiest way to look for something is by using the handy search field on the upper left hand side of the screen just under the NCL Weathernet Stations box. Simply put in a keyword for what your looking for and anything like that comes up.

    Another way is by searching categories, like a specific community, or event. If you want to see what’s happening or coming up event wise, look under the datebook category. Or if you want to see anything we’re ever done about Shipman, go to that category. That’s it, that’s all there is to it! The categories box is just under the recent comments box.

    Give it a spin!



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