New video posted ! Aerials of the Batteau on the James River


    Check out Wednesday’s new video.
    On the lower left in the video widget! Al Stacey was the pilot as I shot video over the James River. The first boat you see is that of Brian Roberts featured in the July issue of NCL on page 40. They hit the stands today!



    1. Hee, hee! Not a pig, not a dog! – A Bear! Al looked at me and said is that a big dog? As we got closer we realized it was a black bear crossing the James. Pretty neat!

    2. WOW, that’s a rare video. Next time you need to take the big lens and the gyro stabilizer 🙂

    3. Actually it was on a gyro stabilizer platform, a nice one!) but sadly, we happened up on the bear so quickly I wasn’t able to get it around in the position I needed to make it a clean shoot like we were able to do on the boats.

      Al has got a great rig for his chopper that uses a set of four gyros on different planes to make nice shots.

      I used one of those all of the time back in the news business, but it was operated by a joystick to a camera on the belly of the chopper, nice but so was the price, well over 100K!

    4. Thanks for the great video of the batteaux and for the article about Brian in your July issue. His dad and I have enjoyed sharing both of them with family and friends around the world.

      A BEAR!!?!! What an amazing thing to spot!


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