Weekend around the Rockfish Valley


    Photography by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine

    As mentioned in Monday’s weather post below, Saturday was an excellent day across Nelson County, VA. In the Rockfish Valley lots was taking place.

    The day started off with the monthly Rockfish Valley Community Center’s pancake breakfast. This thing is growing like crazy and the food is great! Be sure to make next one in July. It’s always the first Saturday of the month.
    Girls eating
    Above, how can you refuse a breakfast like this. These two gals know good food when they see it…taste it rather!

    Al Stacey bacon
    Above, long before you get the food on the table they have to whip it up in the kitchen. Al Stacey, owner of Gaia Homes in Nellysford, fixes some yummy bacon on its way out to the serviing line.

    Pancake line
    Not to be outdone by the bacon, these folks were making up the pancakes right before they headed out the door with them. We had blueberry ones, they’re good, real good!

    Ruritan Park Yard Sale
    And just around the corner at Rockfish Ruritan Park they were holding a big yard sale.
    Trailer items
    There we all kinds of items on sale, lots of them!

    Yvette’s lamp find
    Yep, that’s Yvette headed out with her bargain, a lamp for the foyer. Just in time the other one we had just broke. A great find!

    Junior Thompson
    And anytime there’s a Ruritan or RVCC function you know Junior Thompson will be there!

    Nelson Farmers Market

    And of course if it’s Saturday in the summer, The Nelson Farmers Market is in full swing. Have you driven by there lately, it is packed! And there is fresh produce coming in weekly now, so the pickin is good!
    Lady Plants

    Tent crowd

    Nelly May
    It’s official, the farmers market cow has her offical new name, Nelly May! I am not sure if Victor noticed or not, but he sure did play some great music!


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