Whoops! Correction on RHOP fundraiser @ Spruce Creek


    Yea, we try to cross every “t” and dot every “i” but sometimes it doesn’t happen. This time around we forgot to make our “1” a “7” specifically a 27 as in April 27th! In this month’s issue of Nelson County Life on page 40 we did a story about the upcoming Evening of Art, Music, & Cuisine to raise money for the Rural Health Outreach program at Blue Ridge Medical Center. At the very end of that story we incorrectly put the date as April 21st, not so! Mark your calendar for April 27th six days later! In their ad on page 6 all of the info is correct, we just didn’t catch the wrong digit in the story before it hit the press! Be sure to get your tickets for this one, it’s always a fun night. I stopped by and saw Sue a few days ago at Spruce Creek Gallery and already got our tickets!

    See you there!

    Tommy & Yvette



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