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Lovingston : Mountain Mama’s Kabab Shop Brings New Life Into Former Basement Diner

[ 0 ] June 14, 2018 |

©2018 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photos by Tommy Stafford : Customers line up to try out some of Lovingston’s newest cuisine at Mountain Mama’s Kabob Shop this past Wednesday – June 13, 2018.

Nelson County, Virginia

Walking back into the Old Lovingston Opry basement in Lovingston was almost surreal for Trish Becker.

“I’m eight years older. It was hard. It was real hard, cause we really had to revamp the place. We had a lot of work to do.”

Trish Becker (left) co-owner of the newly opened Mountain Mama’s Kabob Shop in Lovingston grabs a takeout order to be handed off to a customer this past Wednesday afternoon – June 13, 2018.

Almost 10 years ago Trish bought the former St Mary’s Catholic Church building turning the upstairs into an opry entertainment space and the basement into a diner.

“When we were the Basement Bistro we were really kind of a diner like everybody else. We wanted to slim down the inventory and slim down the menu, but we wanted something different. And trying to be a little healthier.

I took out the deep fryer. We do rice, and fresh kababs. Everything is cooked to order. Nothing is processed or pre-made. I was eating in Charlottesville, we had numerous little kabab shops. I was coming home one day from visiting a friend. It was in February. It hit me. Kababs. No one’s got kababs!”

And thats how the idea for Mountain Mama’s was born!

Jode’ Shaw Trish’s Business Partner, (right) the other Mountain Mama and Chef Johnny Shaw from Washington DC prep a to go kebab order this past Wednesday afternoon at Mountain Mama’s Kebab Shop in Lovingston, Virginia. June 13, 2018

“I took out the deep fryer. We do rice, and fresh kababs. Everything is cooked to order. Nothing is processed or pre-made.”

An order getting ready to out the door this past Wednesday afternoon – June 13, 2018 at Mountain Mama’s Kebab Shop in Lovingston, Virginia.

“I have to plug Jesse Rutherford. (East District BOS) He really stood by us. He checks on us every week. He offered even to help. I think things are changing here. Everyone’s working on their buildings. That’s inspiring. And, there’s a new energy here. It’s like Lovingston is open for business again for the small business owner. Especially the historic buildings, that’s what’s hard. It’s hard to meet all of the requirements of new facilities. So doing what we’ve done was actually easier because it’s simplified.”

In addition to the kebab shop, Trish and her business partner have created an entire line of speciality sauces. They are sold at the shop and at the Walton’s Mountain Museum in nearby Schuyler, Virginia.

Now this is one you don’t see everyday, but we’re guessing it it insanely delicious!

“You know Tommy, we incorporated in 2014. The Mountain Mama’s name. We just didn’t know what we were going to do with it. We wanted something different.”

To go orders have their own special curb side pickup at Mountain Mama’s.

You can see a full menu of what Mountain Mama’s has to offer by visiting them online at :

They are currently open Monday through Friday from 11 A.M. until 3 P.M. at 632 Front Street in Lovingston, Virginia.

Their phone number is: 434 906 8256

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