Nelson : Nellysford : The Blue Ridge Pig On The Pole Is OK!

©2018 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photo By Tommy Stafford : Folks have been a little concerned about the famous Blue Ridge Pig atop the poll in Nellysford. There was a pretty big traffic accident there over the weekend. In this photo it almost looks like the pig is sitting on Wintergreen’s fire truck! It’s just an illusion 🙂 Saturday – June 2, 2018

Nelson County, Virginia

There’s been great concern about the status of the pig that’s on the poll in front of The Blue Ridge Pig in Nellysford. Over the weekend there was a pretty big traffic accident eight in front of the restaurant.

In the photo I shot above, it appeared that the pig was actually on the back of Wintergreen Fire & Rescue’s engine. I didn’t even notice it until someone dropped a comment to us on the photo.

We can see why folks would be concerned, a few years back the pig wasn’t as lucky and took a tumble after a car wreck there took the famous pig to the ground.

Thanks to Caitlin Oliver for the photo : Back in February of 2015 the very famous pig that’s been up on the sign at Blue Ridge Pig in Nellysford of Nelson County, Virginia took an unfortunate dive to the ground.

Not to worry, the pig is safe and sound these days and is proudly perched on the pole along Route 151!


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