Mountain Snow Over Weekend – T-Shirt Winner Announced & Much Warmer Weather On The Way!

Photo courtesy of Jason Pugh – Wintergreen Fire & Rescue : About 1.5 ” of snow fell on Saturday – April 7, 2018 of this past weekend at Wintergreen Resort. Though it didn’t really stick to the roads very much, there was some light accumulation on the grassy areas.

Nelson County, Virginia

It wasn’t very much to write home about, but it did snow this past Saturday. And, in the higher elevations there was some light accumulation. BRL teamed up with Wintergreen Fire & Rescue last week to have a little fun with the predicted snow. We started a contest to let folks guess how much snow they thought would fall at the resort this past week. The winner gets a free WF&R t-shirt. The photo above shows it was about 1.5″. I’ll announce the winner of the the t-shirt contest in my Monday audio weather update.

By 5 PM Thursday of this coming week temperatures across Central Virginia will be in the upper 70s and lower 80s across the region.

The snow will be a distant memory later this week as much warmer weather is headed our way. It’s very likely that some locations just south of Nelson will see 80° toward the end of the week. Everyone will see mid and upper 70s for sure.

We still have a bump or two to get over early this week, but the weather turns around pretty quickly after that.



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