NEWS ALERT : Wintergreen Property Owners Association Notified Of Eminent Domain Suit By Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Image courtesy of Wintergreen Property Owners and Friends of Wintergreen.
Image courtesy of Wintergreen Property Owners and Friends of Wintergreen.

Nelson County, Virginia

By Tommy Stafford

For the second time in less than a week the ACP has notified additional landowners it will use eminent domain lawsuits to get access to property. This time it’s The Wintergreen Property Owners Association. Generally speaking WPOA is the homeowner’s association that maintains streets and takes care of the the properties at Wintergreen and Stoney Creek in the valley. WPOA also provides all police and fire protection to its property owners. It owns a large amount of property in and around the resort.

A few days ago ACP filed suit against the owners of The Fenton Inn located near the entrance to Wintergreen Resort.

Friday afternoon Jay Roberts, Executive Director of WPOA released the following statement. Here it is verbatim:

“Dominion Energy notified Wintergreen Property Owners’ Association (WPOA) that, based on the legal authority given to it by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), it was filing suit in Federal court on Friday, February 9 for condemnation of WPOA property. WPOA has repeatedly and publicly stated our opposition to the location of the pipeline. However, based on the law of eminent domain and the history of these cases in Federal Court, we expect that a court of law will grant the access necessary for the project to proceed.

We respect the legal process and are focused on addressing the concerns of our owners through Dominion’s agreement to participate in a formal mediated process that will include the financial and non-financial implications placed on the community by the presence of the pipeline. WPOA is committed to the best possible outcome for our community; one that provides fair treatment and security for our owners, employees and guests.

Jay Roberts
Executive Director
Wintergreen Property Owners Association”


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