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Nellysford : Bob’s Back! : Full Circle At Stoney Creek Pharmacy

[ 1 ] December 18, 2017 |

©2017 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photo By Tommy Stafford : 70 year old Bob Ladd (foreground) has come full circle. He recently bought back Stoney Creek Pharmacy in Nellysford. He originally started the pharmacy in a different location years and years ago. Alongside Bob is part of his staff in the Nellysford location.

Nelson County, Virginia
By Tommy Stafford

Mention the name Bob Ladd and almost immediately people know exactly who you are talking about. He’s either filled their prescription or maybe even sold them a Harley over the years!

The great thing about this place is knowing everybody. The bad thing about this place is knowing everybody,” Bob laughs during my interview with him at the pharmacy he recently bought back in Nellysford.

Customers are more than happy to see Bob back at the helm. Over the past several years the pharmacy has gone through some big changes, some good and some not so good, after the tragic death of Cheryl Tompkins back in 2013. Cheryl bought the pharmacy from Bob in 2005 when it was still in the old Afton Family Medicine office where the Rockfish Valley Inn is located today. Cheryl eventually moved the pharmacy down to Nellysford where it originally began years before.

©2005-2017 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photo By Tommy Stafford : The late Cheryl Tompkins (left) stands out in from of the pharmacy in Afton she bought from Bob Ladd back in 2005. Cheryl eventually moved it to Nellysford. She’s pictured with pharmacy technician Ginny Wimbley. Both were avid motorcycle riders in a club called Motor Mermaids.

©2008-2017 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photo By Tommy Stafford : In June 2008 former owner, the late Cheryl Tompkins, pictured with her staff in front of the current location of Stoney Creek Pharmacy in Nellysford. Cheryl died from cancer in 2013. She originally purchased the pharmacy from Bob Ladd back in 2005. Bob recently bought it back after it had been sold several times since Cheryl’s death.

The pharmacy lost much of its personal touch after Cheryl died in 2013. Owners weren’t local and there had been out of state owners managing local staff from a distance. That’s all changed now with Bob back in the saddle!

“I’m getting a lot of thanks you’s. A lot of good to see you back. As far as old friends, that’s a different thing. You know the area, you get to know a lot of people. A lot of people that I never knew are saying so and so told me about you and we’re all glad to have you back.” –
Bob Ladd owner of Stoney Creek Pharmacy in Nellysford.

Shortly before Bob sold the pharmacy to Cheryl in 2005 he founded the Shenandoah Harley-Davidson dealership in Staunton. He eventually sold that a few years back. And, the pharmacy bug kept calling.

“June 1970 I became a pharmacist and bought my first drugstore in June 1975. this makes my ninth, counting it twice. I’ve had a bunch of apothecaries. It how I was taught. If I do the apothecary thing I’ll cut it down to 1/3 rd of the space max. I’ll make it a real apothecary, all wooden,” Bob said of some possible future plans in Nellysford.

Bob Ladd has been filling prescriptions for just under five decades. He’s passionate about being back in Nellysford, a place he’s missed since leaving.

“I wish I’d never sold my house. I can think of three people now that each take 10 prescriptions and they have come back here.”

Bob says he want’s his customer’s feedback on what they would like to see happen at the pharmacy. He’s encouraging them to drop by and see him to tell him what they want. And he really means it. So stop by and let him know!

Welcome back Bob, we all missed you!

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  1. Bob Ladd says:

    Thank you Tommy this is a very spot on and well written story! I wish i had explained thst knowing most everyone makes it tough when one of those people or a whole family has difficult times. Is in an accident, etc.. Thanks again! Bob

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