Richard Thomas Kicks Off John-Boy Homecoming Weekend In Schuyler (Video)

©2017 Blue Ridge Life Magazine : Photos By Marcie Gates : Richard Thomas (who played the lead character John-Boy in The Waltons) cuts the ribbon making the opening of The Waltons Hamner House official on Friday morning – October 20, 2017 in Schuyler, Virginia.

Nelson County, Virginia

The last time Richard Thomas of The Waltons was in Schuyler, Virginia was back in the early 1970s when the television series was just becoming a sensation. He slipped in and visited with the mother of the late Earl Hamner, Jr. who created the popular long running television series.

Above, Richard Thomas greets fans from the porch of The Waltons Hamner House. It’s the home where the late Earl Hamner, Jr grew up. His childhood experiences there inspired the creation of the television series.

Fans gather in front of the Waltons Hamner House in Schuyler, Virginia Friday morning as Richard Thomas cuts the ribbon officially dedicating the homeplace of the late Earl Hamner, Jr. – October 20, 2017

The ribbon cutting kicks off an entire weekend of events in Schuyler featuring Richard Thomas. Click here to see the entire schedule.


  1. No matter what Richard Thomas has done in the past or will do in the future, he’ll always be my John Boy! That to me is sacred! And dear to my heart!

  2. John Boy’s memoirs were an inspiration to me during my childhood, and will be in my heart forever. Thank you Richard Thomas…..hopefully I will get to Virginia one day, on my bucket list!


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