Roseland : Hoopla Kicks Off This Friday At Devils Backbone Brewing Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows!


Nelson County, Virginia

This weekend kicks off the 2nd annual Hoopla Festival held at Devils Backbone Brewing Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows. “We had different names for this event. But we curated it and financed it. This is the second year for Hoopla. In the previous years it was Festy in the beginning,” Steve Crandall DB founder and CEO tells us.

The festival kicks off Friday afternoon and runs through early afternoon Sunday.

“During the course of Hoopla we have a bunch of different activities. We will have rides for people to visit other breweries on the Brew Ridge Trail. We’ll have hikes so people experience things here in Nelson County. A pop up beer festival. A pumpkin patch where kids can learn about all different plants and have fun and of course the music,” Steve adds.

To see the music linup at this year’s event and to see the complete guide to Hoopla 2017 click on the image above.

“The idea behind Hoopla was to create a festival that expressed core values. Neighborhoods, industry, family, environment and operations. My personal favorite part of the festival. I really get goosebumps …people have been coming to this festival for almost a decade now and they bring their tiny little babies, and now those tiny babies are young kids. They get to experience this with their young children. And for our staff. It’s like having a high school reunion when I see these guys,” Steve continued.

See you at the festival starting Friday!


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