Marcie’s Travels & Celebrating A Dozen Years


Nelson County, Virginia

As we’ve been talking about in most of our recent posts, Blue Ridge Life Magazine turns a dozen years old this year on April 1st.

We atarted off ...
We started off back on April 1, 2005 as Nelson County Life Magazine right here in Nelson County. We are still in Nelson 12 years later. Click on the above photo to talk a walk down memory lane and see some of our original Nelson County Life Magazine issues.

Though we cover a broader area, this is our home. We’ve lived here since the beginning. This isn’t a fad for us. We are a part of you and you a part of us!

As we celebrate this year, and there will be many, our photographer / writer extraordinaire, Marcie Gates, is out highlighting many things new and old that make Nelson and the Blue Ridge so great.

If you have a neat photo where Marcie can pop by and take a shot with her, let her know, we’d love to feature it here and all across our social media platforms.

We’ve got an awfully big announcement coming in just a few weeks, so stay tuned for that as well!

Born in Nelson. Still In Nelson
2005-2017 : Blue Ridge Life Magazine Celebrating a dozen years in Nelson County and the Blue Ridge.


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