Rockbridge: Devils Backbone Announces Second Release – Chesapeake Bay Foundation – Striped Bass Pale Ale

Publicity: On the dock at the marina in Annapolis, MD

Rockbridge County, VA

Devils Backbone Brewing Company is pleased to announce the second annual release of their collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Striped Bass Pale Ale. Devils Backbone and their partnering distributors have raised $50,000 for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s educational awareness programs since the project’s inception last year.

Devils Backbone Founder Steve Crandall and his wife Heidi are stewards of the land. The streams and springs on their farm in Nelson County, VA are fenced off from livestock with water troughs built by the helping hands of the Virginia’s conversation program back in 1985. The Crandall’s take great pride in preserving their land and natural habitat in ways that preserve the Chesapeake Bay. The abundant water sources in the mountains around their home and Devils Backbone’s breweries eventually run to the bay, so the Striped Bass Pale Ale project is personal for them.

Striped Bass Pale Ale was fittingly spawned on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay while fishing for stripers in near gale force winds. Steve Crandall, a fully committed outdoorsman, wanted to create a beer that would satisfy your thirst while enjoying the outdoors but also help protect local waters. The crisp American Striped Bass Pale Ale is packaged in aluminum cans with recyclable toppers to be packable, portable and 100% recyclable.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company’s commitment to clean water and a healthy environment gives them and their distributor-partners in Virginia, DC and Maryland, a unique opportunity to support the efforts of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The program received support from five of their distributor partners: Virginia Eagle Distributing (Verona, VA); Brown Distributing (Richmond, VA); Hoffman Beverage Company (Virginia Beach, VA); Guiffre Distributing (Alexandria, VA); and Katcef Brothers, Inc (Annapolis, MD).

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, whose mission to “Save the Bay” extends thru out the Bay’s watershed and into the Blue Ridge Mountains, is actively working with the region’s landowners, businesses, residents, and local governments to restore and protect water quality in Virginia’s streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Striped Bass Pale Ale has an active QR code on the can that leads the consumer to an informative page for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the need for “clean water”.


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