Nelson: CVEC Linemen Headed to Northeast to Assist with Power Restoration

Photo Courtesy of Bill Sherrod : CVEC trucks head north out of Virginia to help utility crews in the northeast where hurricane Sandy hit.

Nelson County, VA

Four crews of CVEC linemen are joining forces with utilities from around Virginia to assist in the power restoration effort in New Jersey where a reported 1.78 million homes and businesses are still without power as a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. After rendezvousing in Richmond, 125 linemen from seven electric cooperatives will caravan north where downed trees need to be cleared and damaged power lines restored before normal life can resume.

CVEC was fortunate during this weather event. The distribution system suffered minimal storm damage with 1200 cooperative members affected. Service was restored within 24 hours with the assistance of visiting crews that traveled from Alabama and the Carolinas. Now, CVEC and other Virginia cooperatives are lending a hand to those who took the brunt of the storm.

Gary Wood, CVEC’s CEO commented on the mutual aid effort, “We are proud of the men who are going to help. Their families are also giving greatly to this effort as they agree to go without fathers and husbands for a while.  We were fortunate to miss the worst of this storm, and we are glad to help those less fortunate. We also appreciate the extra effort that will be given by those employees left behind to continue normal operations at CVEC while these crews are away helping others.”

Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit, electric utility serving the rural portions of 14 Virginia counties.


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