Significant Severe Weather Possible Friday Afternoon Across Central Virginia

As of late Friday morning the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK had much of the East Coast and the Mid Atlantic under a slight risk for severe weather. Though the risk area is defined as slight risk, there is a better than average chance for severe weather this time around.

Nelson County, VA
June 1st marks the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic, but this time around it may mean severe thunderstorms including possible tornados late in the day. A weather system is developing across the area that will likely produce significant severe weather during the afternoon hours on Friday.”

Though it’s not an absolute prediction of severe weather, the likelihood of strong storms, some producing tornados, if better than average this Friday afternoon and evening. There is some sense that the Storm Prediction Center will upgrade the slight risk area to a moderate risk area by early Friday afternoon.

©2012 Image via : This graphic image from shows the areas of concern for Friday afternoon & evening.

You can always see the most active Weather Bulletins by looking to the right hand side and scrolling down. Any active alerts will be displayed there.

Tommy is keeping a close eye on this and will be updating as necessary throughout the afternoon and evening.


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