APO Lends Hand In Construction At North Branch School

™Nelson County Life : Photos By Bonnie Holliday : Alpha Phi Omega members erect a greenhouse frame, donated by Windridge Landscaping. North Branch students will be able to grow plants all year long for science classes and gardening activities.

Nelson County, VA

This past weekend on March 17th, 100 members of the UVA chapter of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity transformed the school grounds of North Branch School in Afton as their spring project.  The UVA students raised almost $4,000 and volunteered their time – the equivalent of about 1,000 hours of labor –  on a beautiful Saturday to build an outdoor stage, erect a greenhouse and construct the end wall for it, repair a wooden ramp, spread mulch on the playground and entrance, build benches on the front porch, and restructure the sandbox on the playground. 

Two members of Alpha Phi Omega cut boards to repair a wooden ramp at North Branch School
The 100 members of the UVA chapter of Alpha Phi Omega take a moment to celebrate all that they accomplished during their spring workday at North Branch School.
Team Bench rests on their laurels. These Alpha Phi Omega members constructed three permanent benches on the front porch of North Branch School.
Building an outdoor stage required a large team of Alpha Phi Omega members. The stage will be used by the teachers and students of North Branch School for plays, programs, assemblies, and concerts.

Way to go APO and NBS!


  1. Way to go APO is right! Alpha Phi Omega has donated many hours over the years just down the road at Rockfish Valley Community Center constructing and painting as well as spring cleaning.
    Nelson County owes you a big Thanks!

  2. Incredible “results”! Many thanks to all of the volunteers! Students for many, many years will benefit from your efforts on Saturday!

  3. Great job. More focus needs to be given to students who are doing so much good instead of those causing trouble.


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