Ode To Winter : Events At Wintergreen Officially Mark End Of 2011-2012 Season

©2012 Nelson County Life : Photos By NCL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : A boarder shows off this past weekend at Rail Jam held on Saturday. It was one of the final events of the 2011-2012 winter season. The annual Pond Skimming was held on Sunday. Scroll for more great pics!

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

The final days of winter are here. Once the annual pond skimming contest is held at Wintergreen Resort, that officially marks the end of the winter sports season. On Saturday they held Rail Jam.

Some of the best came out on Saturday for Rail Jam. It's one of the last competitive events held at Wintergreen before the warm weather kicks in.
It's not just about boarding, skiers have fun in the final hours of the season too!
Before long these slopes will be covered in green and thoughts will be on golf and warmer days ahead.
They save the best for last each year at Wintergreen. The annual Pond Skimming competition marks the official end to the winter season.
The goal is to make it all the way across, or as far as you can!
And it's all about the costumes! Paul tells us there were some pretty creative ones this year. We see that!
Though it was pretty mild on Sunday, this still makes for a cold landing.

Here’s the official results from Paul:

Best Costume: Evan Connell

Best Fall: C J Priscillo

Winners – Women:
1. Madison Gallegher
2. Katie Isham
3. Cindy Johnson

Winners – Men:
1. Shawn Russell
2. Duane Brown
3. Jack Sharron

See everyone on the slopes next season! Till think see you on the greens 🙂


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