Updated: Snow Estimate Map For Sunday : Updated 10:00AM – 2.19.12

Via CBS-019 in Charlottesville: Possible snowfall throughout Sunday.

Nelson County, Virginia

Updated 10:00AM 2.19.12
Overnight Saturday into Sunday, it appears weather models and radar information indicate the expected intensity of snowfall will not be as great across our area. However, the threat does continue for some light snowfall. All in all this appears to be a bust folks. Simply put.

As we have been talking about for the past several days, some winter weather appears to be headed for Central Virginia, including Nelson County. It is a significant since it is hitting this late in the winter season with only a month of official winter left. Less for meteorologists. They pretty much consider it to be done at the end of February in this part of the country.

We may see 1-3″, incicated in the map above. Actually piling up? Doubtful. Technically, probably. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know we have been very warm the past two days, reaching a high of 62° here in Nelson on Saturday afternoon. So as the snow begins on Sunday, it will take a while, even with temps dropping throughout the day, to begin accumulating, particularly on roadways. But, we will have abundant moisture in place and the cold air will soon follow. Plus, this will be a very wet snow, so it will compact easily. By 10AM reports of the ground being lightly covered in Montebello and other areas along the BRP were coming in. Most of them southern Nelson.

As of 7AM eastern on Sunday, the NWS office covering Nelson (based in Sterling) has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for the area. One county over, the NWS office out of Blacksburg covering Amherst continues to have a WINTER STORM WARNING in effect there..

More updates as needed throughout the weekend.

And if you get snow pics, send them to: snowpics@nelsoncountylife.com


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