An Ice Crystal Palette In The Mountains Of Nelson County, Virginia

©2012 : Photos BY NCL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura : Paul captured this beautiful image after a freezing drizzle/fog event at Wintergreen on Sunday morning February 5th 2012.

Wintergreen Resort
Nelson County, Virginia

Those of us living here in Nelson County know what a beautiful place it is. But mother nature left a very unexpected treat Sunday morning when these unique ice crystals formed on some of the plants up in the mountains near Wintergreen Resort and the Blue Ridge Parkway. NCL Mountain Photographer Paul Purpura grabbed some truly wonderful shots of this winter palette.

Though only rain fell in the lower elevations of Nelson, temps hovered in the 20's for much of the day in the mountains.
Paul mentioned one of the unusual things about the patterns, the crystals all going in the same direction.
No real travel problems were encountered from the icing, though Paul did say some of the sidewalks and parking lots got a little slick.
Light winds blowing in one direction may have caused the ice formations to all go in one directions.

Sunny skies return on Monday!


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