Stoney Creek Pharmacy In Nellysford Under New Ownership

©2011 : Photos By Tommy Stafford : Joe Yeager (left co-owner) of Stoney Creek Pharmacy helps fill prescriptions at the Nellysford location.

Nelson County, Virginia

By Jennie Tal Williams
Cheryl Tompkins ran the Stoney Creek Pharmacy for years and years – it wasn’t just her job, it was her passion to provide a listening ear and a helping hand to the Nellysford community. But earlier this year, Cheryl had to put her health first and cut back the pharmacy’s hour – something she didn’t like to do.

Above, Cheryl in our July 2009 print story shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Click on image to read.

So, after a while of running the pharmacy herself, Cheryl decided to sell the shop to some former colleagues: Dave Garber of Waynesboro and Joe Yeager of Fishersville. The three met years ago at a CVS and Dave and Joe are both pharmacists who already own several pharmacies around town.

Many of the old familiar faces are still at the pharmacy along with some new ones too.

Joe said that so far he’s enjoyed serving the community that Cheryl so cherishes.
“I would said that I would hope that if we could get in there and be a part of not only the business community, but a service to the community, that’s what I really want to do,” added Joe. “Of course we want to be successful, but it is our place to be a service and I would have to say that one of the best things we can do for [Cheryl] is to honor her and her commitment to have the pharmacy as a service to the community.

Welcome to Nellysford Joe & Dave!


  1. Yay for Joe and the Team. We really need and want a local Pharma. There are lot of us older folks in the Valley and getting prescriptions locally is a big plus.


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