Tricycles & A Rubber Chicken At North Branch School

©2011 : Photos By Marcie Gates : Jesse Gates Hudson, a teacher at NBS, savors victory with her rubber chicken prize after winning The Great Tricycle Race of 2011 this past Friday.

Nelson County, Virginia

Reading 700 books in one month is nothing to sneeze at! But thats exactly what the kids at North Branch School just did. Their reward? Teachers had to participate in The Great Tricycle Race of 2011! Katrien “Kat. A. Strophe” Vance, Michael “The Dominator” Donegan, Jessie “Gates-Smasher” Hudson, Jess “Four Leaf Cleaver” Tucker, Krista “Betty ClockHer” Crocker and Oscar “El Rey Triciclo” Cardenas all took place in the race.

They're off!
Michael Donegan falls over in an attempt to the finish line.
Oscar Cardenas looses control of his trike. Yikes!

Here’s a neat video NBS shot of the race. Click on the player to view.

Katrien Vance (left) and Krista Crocker making their way to the finish line!
Looks like Jesse had little doubt she would be the winner!
Not exactly Nascar, but not bad!

Congrats to the 92 students at NBS who read the 700+ books in just three weeks!

Way to go!



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