2010 Lovingston Christmas Parade – Special In So Many Ways

Photos By Paul Purpura : ©2010 www.nelsoncountylife.com : A youngster sits by three candles lit in remembrance of Connor Craig at this year's Lovingston Christmas Parade.

Nelson County, Virginia

The 2010 Lovingston Christmas Parade was special in so many different ways. First it snowed! That made it a perfect backdrop for the Christmas season. But more importantly, this year’s parade held a special remembrance for 7 year old Connor Craig of Shipman who tragically died over Thanksgiving weekend, from a hunting accident. Countless people held candles in memory of Connor.

Our NCL Mountain Photographer, Paul Purpura, traveled down from the mountain and braved the cold to grab shots at this year’s parade!

This pair of youngsters represented two of the hundreds and hundreds that held candles in memory of Connor Craig.
The Nelson County High Marching Governors braved the cold snowy Saturday in the 2010 parade.
Brooke Berry, Miss Nelson County, was all smiles during the 30 degree temps and snow.
Rebecca Duncan - Miss Virginia Fabulous Belle
Rachel Thompson - Tiny Miss Nelson County
Santa waves at the crowd during the 2010 Lovingston Christmas Parade.
Folks lined the street during a snowy Saturday afternoon at the 2010 Lovingston Christmas Parade.
In spite of the cold and snow, the 2010 parade went off perfectly.
Members of the VFW at the 2010 Lovingston Christmas Parade
McGruff The Crime Dog even showed up for this year's parade!
Lovingston Fire Department at the 2010 Christmas Parade.
It was a day to bundle up for the folks on the Tye River Elementary float.

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See you at the 2011 Christmas parade next year!


  1. The family who lost there son was a friend of ours we love them and bless them………in honor of connor


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