Blue Mountain Brewery Encloses Front – Major Expansion On The Way

Blue Mountain Brewery opened its doors for business October 24, 2007
Photo By Tommy Stafford : ©2010 : Matt Nucci, Mandi Smack and husband, Taylor Smack (co-owners and founders of Blue Mountains Brewery) stand inside the newly enclosed front seating area of the brewery in Afton.

Nelson County, Virginia

In just three short years Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton is already feeling growing pains, in a great way! “We needed more seating in the cold weather and we finally closed on some land behind us so we are going forward with our expansion. It will be next fall before that’s up, so we’re in the emergency procedures for the cold weather,” said Taylor Smack, co-owner and brewmaster at BMB in Afton.

What was a small deck style porch at the entrance has now been enclosed so people can be out of the weather even during overflow crowds.
Blue Mountain Brewery opened its doors for business October 24, 2007

Nelson’s first microbrewery opened back in the fall of 2007. Since then the business has grown leaps and bounds. “We grew between ’08 and ’09 a 35% increase and we’re up 65% this year over last year,” Taylor continued. The original 5000 square foot building has already become a tight squeeze for the booming operation. Enclosing the front porch gives BMB a little time before they double the square footage by next fall. It’s about a 5000 square foot customer sized addition, so it will basically be bigger than what we have now. More customer space, offices, cathedral ceilings, same farm house style with the gabled roofs. Virginia Frame’s doing it again. It’s big time,” Taylor grins.

Taylor just bottled the very popular Dark Hollow #11 that will be released on December 7th.

Over the past 3 years Taylor and the crew at Blue Mountain have added several things to keep people coming back, and admits he’s learned along the way. “We kind of didn’t know what we were doing in the beginning and let people kind of guide us by wanting more food, entertainment, etc,” Taylor adds. Just in the past few weeks they have added Tuesday Tastings, featuring not only local Virginia brews but ones you can’t get from anywhere around here. “Every Tuesday we are doing a new beer style, often to highlight the release of one of ours, but we do others, like English Pale Ales, kind of the best in the world. We taste about 6 different types.” The tastings have already been very popular with as many as 20 people attending the free tastings of unique beers.

By fall of 2011 Blue Mountain's current space will double in size.

This is very good news!

Congrats Guys!


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