Boy from Freshwater Cove bags his first bear

Hunter Baker, 8, of Freshwater Cove, killed his first bear.

8-year-old Hunter Baker lived up to his name yesterday. The son of Bobby and Mandy Baker of Freshwater Cove, Hunter killed his first bear November 23 on private land near Lovingston. Is the Thanksgiving turkey next?


  1. While I haven’t personally hunted since a teen back in W-TN, some of my fondest memories were going hunting with my father as a youngster. Learning about proper sportsmanship, and how to provide food if necessary, for a family. While I don’t currently hunt, many Nelson families have for generations. Deer and Bear hunting are legal, and many times supplement food for families here in the county. Having been raised on a farm back in TN, I can appreciate the fact that many people have no concept of where their food comes from other than a grocery shelf.

    I commend Hunter’s father for taking time to teach him proper hunting technique, gun safety, and occupying him with something other than video games, computers, and the like.

  2. What’s so sad about hunting bear,deer, or any wild game ? I say congratulations Hunter and job well done to Bobby
    Also, Pay no attention to the intolerant persons without culture who commented above

  3. Thank you Tommy for defending our culture and our heritage. As Hunter’s parents, we are very proud of his accomplishments and will continue to strive to raise a well rounded child into a responsible young man.

  4. How is your culture working out now that a seven year old is dead today???? What a waste.

    “Intolerance”, “without culture”, “hunting for food”, yeah, sure. People who enjoy killing animals (and so teaching their 7 and 8 year olds) for trophies and photo ops have not entered the present century yet. Sad.

  5. The tragic hunting accident from this past weekend was just that…tragic. And that family is suffering enough. I do not think it’s fair, mature or considerate to post such a comment above and correlate that with Hunter’s story. My heart goes out to the Craig family. Horrible accidents happen every day. And I agree 100% with Tommy & Mandy’s comments above.

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